Top Things To Do In Hilton Head Island


If you are tired of the hustle of the city and ready for a break from your routine, you should head to the Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It is a beautiful destination for a vacation with family or even otherwise. check this post to know about the 12 miles stretch of scenic beaches and a whole lot of diverse activities including tennis, golf, and biking trails. To know more about Hilton Head Island, check out Some of the activities are listed below.

Parks: If you plan to bike around the island, there are numerous bike rentals where you can hire one, apart from the trails you can also stop at a few parks which happen to come along your way. There are beach parks with reflecting swimming pools to playgrounds for kids to a fun ride which can be relaxing. Make sure to check at least a few parks located on the island. Listed below are some of them.

Barker Field
Chaplin Community Park
Compass Rose Park
Crossings Park
Jarvis Creek Park
Hilton Head Park

Art and Wine: You can visit a winery and taste the various local specialties which are part of the local culture. You can also check out the art galleries which showcases the island’s wondrous beauty as well as life on the island. The museum is a must visit if you are keen to explore the history and heritage of this beautiful place.

Family fun activities: If you are on vacation with your family, this is a perfect place as there are numerous activities which are fun for the kids as well as the adults. Your kids can play at the beach while you sunbathe, there are many museums to explore. Animal farms which have pony rides and petting zones, take your kids to watch dolphins, go fishing or venture into some watersports or relax enjoying the swimming pool. There is no shortage of fun activities for your family on Hilton Head Island.

Watersports: This activity should be on your must-do list. Every visitor who comes to this island will eventually want to try a watersport, with 12 miles of Beach, many waterways and rivers there is a sport which suits everyone in your family. From small kids to adult’s water activities for all groups and ages are offered. These are the various activities you can take part when in the Island.
Dolphin Tours
Shelter Cove Harbor and Marine Watersports
The Vagabond
Drifter Party Fishing Boat
Island Skiff Adventure sports

Bike Trails: The Island is best enjoyed on foot, or you can hire Bikes. The island is 12 miles long, and 5 miles in width and biking is a great way to explore this tiny island. The trails are very easy and hence climb is not dangerous or tiresome, it is fun and relaxing. If you are with your family, your little ones can also bike as there is a no car trail and safe for your kids to bike too. There is lush greenery all around; you can also discover parks and other monuments along the way.

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