A Whole New Dimension in Culinary Services- Personal Chefs

Fancy intimate home-cooked dinners for a party or the upcoming Valentine’s Week? Are you too lazy to cook or do you just want that one meal to be extra perfect? What, or rather who you are looking for is a Personal Chef, your ultimate solution to the perfect “home-cooked” dinner party. Bringing the elegance and luxury of a star restaurant and blending it with the right amount of homely comfort, a personal chef is your kitchen wizard who is dedicated to bringing you the perfect meal for the perfect day.

As evident to anyone who has had a chance to flip through the pages of issuu.com/uspca/docs/fall_2016, these chefs are well trained in all sorts of mouth-watering delicacies that leave you wanting so much more.

Who Is A Personal Chef?

A personal chef is a highly trained professional who you hire on the basis of your particular meal needs, for example if you are looking to host a family dinner or plan a romantic meal right in your house. The food is prepared in your kitchen by this chef who cleans up the place afterward. The food is typically stored in the freezer or kept warm and ready for you to enjoy once you’re back home. A personal chef isn’t someone who works on a regular basis for you; they are hired on the basis of occasions. Get fresh, healthy food right from the comfort of your home.

When you look out to hire a personal chef, here is what you could expect; the chef first tailors a meal plan that they think would go best for the occasion that you describe to them. Based on this, you can alter it as you wish and as per your specific dietary requirements. Once you have decided on a meal plan and an approximate budget for the same, you could either pay an amount to the chef as advance or if you are familiar with the chef, opening an expense account would be ideal.

Upon the meal being prepared and the completion of the chef’s professional service, the happy and well-fed client shall complete the payment.

Wait. Isn’t the Personal Chef the Same as a Caterer Then? Or even, a Private Chef?

Well, no. The three are mutually exclusive- they are all chefs, yes, but each of these specialties is obtained after years of training or study to perfect the particular aspect of the culinary service. Here’s how they are totally different from one another;
A private chef is someone you hire on a long-term basis who takes care of all your food needs in the house by regularly preparing all of your family’s meals for the day.
A caterer, on the other hand, supplies large quantities of food for a large group of people attending an event such as a wedding or a conference. They usually cater the food directly to the venue and play a role in serving it as well.

Hire a personal chef now and throw a food party you’ll be proud of.

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Top Things To Do In Hilton Head Island


If you are tired of the hustle of the city and ready for a break from your routine, you should head to the Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It is a beautiful destination for a vacation with family or even otherwise. check this post to know about the 12 miles stretch of scenic beaches and a whole lot of diverse activities including tennis, golf, and biking trails. To know more about Hilton Head Island, check out www.hiltonheadchamber.org/business-resources/press-and-media/fast-facts/. Some of the activities are listed below.

Parks: If you plan to bike around the island, there are numerous bike rentals where you can hire one, apart from the trails you can also stop at a few parks which happen to come along your way. There are beach parks with reflecting swimming pools to playgrounds for kids to a fun ride which can be relaxing. Make sure to check at least a few parks located on the island. Listed below are some of them.

Barker Field
Chaplin Community Park
Compass Rose Park
Crossings Park
Jarvis Creek Park
Hilton Head Park

Art and Wine: You can visit a winery and taste the various local specialties which are part of the local culture. You can also check out the art galleries which showcases the island’s wondrous beauty as well as life on the island. The museum is a must visit if you are keen to explore the history and heritage of this beautiful place.

Family fun activities: If you are on vacation with your family, this is a perfect place as there are numerous activities which are fun for the kids as well as the adults. Your kids can play at the beach while you sunbathe, there are many museums to explore. Animal farms which have pony rides and petting zones, take your kids to watch dolphins, go fishing or venture into some watersports or relax enjoying the swimming pool. There is no shortage of fun activities for your family on Hilton Head Island.

Watersports: This activity should be on your must-do list. Every visitor who comes to this island will eventually want to try a watersport, with 12 miles of Beach, many waterways and rivers there is a sport which suits everyone in your family. From small kids to adult’s water activities for all groups and ages are offered. These are the various activities you can take part when in the Island.
Dolphin Tours
Shelter Cove Harbor and Marine Watersports
The Vagabond
Drifter Party Fishing Boat
Island Skiff Adventure sports

Bike Trails: The Island is best enjoyed on foot, or you can hire Bikes. The island is 12 miles long, and 5 miles in width and biking is a great way to explore this tiny island. The trails are very easy and hence climb is not dangerous or tiresome, it is fun and relaxing. If you are with your family, your little ones can also bike as there is a no car trail and safe for your kids to bike too. There is lush greenery all around; you can also discover parks and other monuments along the way.

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Be Aware Of The Positive Benefits Of Listening To Music

Scientists across the world are in favor of listening to music as it has a positive influence on our well being. According to them and many findings in the recent times, listening to music brings enormous changes in our body on a molecular level. Music beyond enjoyment has a direct influence on the outcome of our body hormones as well the cognitive functioning. As per a scientific research persons who play musical instruments are considered smarter than the passive listeners. On the other hand, people who listen to music are found to be healthier than the others. This statement proves the importance of music in daily our life.

Since music is considered to be the language of our soul, it is the right time for us to know the benefits of listening to our favorite music. If you are not a music lover, start today and listen to your favorite and see a positive change in rest of your life. It is not too late for you to turn on your musical system in your home and see the amazing results it brings to boosting your daily moods.

Know the real benefits of listening to music

Listening to music has many advantages to the listeners. We can quote innumerable benefits offered to the individuals who are listening to music on a regular basis. For the sake of the readers of this short write up some of the key benefits of listening to music are shared here. Read on to find these benefits and make use of them if you are not a music lover. According to medical scientists from all parts of the world music has a healing touch and language of the soul. If you have not tried it before, this article is right for you to know the importance of music in our daily life. Just read and make use of the power of music that makes a great impact on your life.

Improve productivity: There is a misconception that listening to music distract productivity. In an actual sense it is not true and in fact listening to music enhances the productivity and even improves the learning curve. Listening to music through a television can offer surely some distraction, but not from the music systems we use in our homes. Interestingly, few people who prepare for examinations have the habit of listening to some soft music, and this theory is self-explanatory.

Types of music you listen really matters: Love towards music is considered to be very much subjective. The impact of music varies from person to person. Here, the types of music really matter to the listeners as some of them are more specific to listen to a particular genre. Specific music sharpens the mental acuity

Music relieves stress levels: Undoubtedly, a part of our brain is activated while listening to music. By this action dopamine, a chemical is produced that creates happiness and pleasure to the listeners.

The list goes on and on. If you are still convinced about the importance of listening to music, have a try in listening to some soft music. At the end of it, you are sure to realize a different experience.


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Benefits Of Listening To Music According To Scientists

World known scientists like Darwin, Einstein have shared their opinions about the importance of listening music in human life. Being a universal language, music has been a favorite of millions of people around the world. This short article is to educate the readers and the music lovers about the importance of music listening in the eyes of the scientists. Read on to find what science endorses the benefits of enjoying all types of music whether, the music is vocal, instrumental.

According to the scientific research, listening music enhances our mental health to a great extent as well boosts our physical health. Taking musical lessons in the younger ages help people to have higher IQ levels even in the older years. As said earlier, some of the benefits of listening music are listed below, which is scientifically proven by many scientists from all parts of the world.

Music makes us happy: According to the scientific findings, while hearing to music, our brain releases dopamine, which is known to be a ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter. This has been proved when PET scan has shown the presence of a large amount of dopamine among the people who have just heard their favorite music. Hence, people who need to have an emotional boost can listen to their favorite tunes for ten to fifteen minutes.

Music improves the running performance: In research, it was found that runners, who have listened to their favorite music before their running event, run faster than the others. If you are a runner try this to see some amazing results. Scientifically listening favorite music inspires a person a lot and hence it can create a great event. Most of the sportsmen and sportswomen follow this and endorse the positive impact of the music on their individual performances.

Music lowers stress and improves overall health: Undoubtedly, the music itself does the healing. Listening to music certainly, decreases the stress levels. By this act the level of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in our body which counteracts the impacts of chronic stress. One should know a fact here that stress contributes a major portion of our illness and disease. Playing some instruments or singing the favorite songs improves the immune system than the passive listening of music. If you have a stressful day, simply stay calm turn on your radio or music system and sing along and get the healing benefit.

Music helps us to have a sound sleep: People who suffer from insomnia can listen to music before they go to sleep. According to the scientific studies people who have listened to the favorite music before their sleep, have slept significantly better than the others.

Reduce depression: Music can be a refuge for the people who are suffering from general depression. The symptoms of depression have shown a significant reduction in the people who have listened to their favorite music or play some instruments.

Listening music makes you eat less: This is an interesting benefit offered by music for the people who are undergoing weight loss programs. A study has revealed the fact that a correlation exists between eating and music. Both of some friendly tie as people who listen to music while eating consume fewer calories and enjoys the food more. This is great news to millions of bulky music lovers.

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Kenny Chesney – American Kids

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